Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Here we are,
half way through our first challenge at
Digitally Made ! 

We've received many wonderful entries
so far and hope to see many more before our 
current challenge closes June 4th  :)

We would like to remind our entrants that our challenge
Nothing that is hand made, not a tangible item.
This includes items that are hand crafted with printed
digital elements, also known as "hybrid" projects.
 We currently have several entries that are hybrids,
 and although they are lovely, 
they are not what we are looking for in our challenge.

For example, below is a card created with digital elements
that were combined in a photo editing program then printed
onto card stock. Ribbon and sequins were added to create
a simple, pretty "hybrid" card. Unfortunately this project is not
the type we are looking to be entered in our challenge
even though it was created with digital elements.
We want to see the digital image itself, 
not a handmade, physical object.

The screenshot below is one example of what we would like to see.
 In this case, it was a digital "card"
created to share on social media. It was created the same
way as the above card using digital elements and fonts in an editing program,
 but it is just the digital image being shared, not a tangible card.
Note: it is not necessary to share a screenshot,
just the completed digital image itself. 

Digital scrapbook pages, banners for social media/blogs, 
inspirational quotes combined with photos,
digital paintings, images digitally combined,
digital cards, backgrounds for computer screens,
digital art journal pages, the digital file images you've 
made for printing such as calendars are just a few ideas.
Yes, you can even add animated elements to
your digital projects !
There are so many options for digitally created
art that we welcome in our challenge.
Please keep it family friendly and 100% digital,
NOT a physical, hand made item.

See our first challenge post here
for several 100% digital creations by our
wonderful design team. They are sure to spark
your digital creativity ! You still have plenty of time to
create a digital piece to share with us in our first challenge.
This first challenge is just for fun and does not have a theme.
There will be badges awarded to the top picks. 

Lastly, the complete rules can be found 
 at the top on a separate page.

Have a wonderful, crafty day !

The Digitally Made Design Team


  1. Hi! I am just wondering if your challenge is every month or if it is every other month? Thanks so much! xx

  2. Hi Donna, Our challenges run from the first Monday of every month. Our next challenge begins Tomorrow!

    Crafty hugs Sonia xx